Created on Retouramont company’s initiative in 2014, the Vertical Dance Forum is a network of 7 vertical dance companies working in Europe and Canada.

    Il Posto (Italy), – Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre (Ireland) – Gravity & Levity (UK) – Histeria Nova (Croatia)- Aeriosa (Canada) – Retouramont (France). Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence VDKL (Wales).

    The Vertical Dance Forum gathers to exchange and reflect on its practice in all its artistic, teaching and technical diversity.
    Our approach aims to increase the appreciation and recognition of this art form, while respecting the safety it requires, in order to share it with everyone: artists, institutions and the public.
    Project co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.

/ Year of creation
/ Vertical dancers worldwide gathered
/ dance professionals and university researchers invited
Testimonial 5
The first international Vertical Dance Laboratory !
Testimonial 4
Gathering large audience worldwide for 3 public events
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Italy, Ireland, UK, Wales, Croatia, France, Canada
Testimonial 2
6 meetings in Europe and Canada
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A network of 7 European and International Vertical Dance companies