England “Alternative Perspectives” January 21-25,2019

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England “Alternative Perspectives” January 21-25,2019

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A 3-day think-tank and practical exploration into making aerial harness work available to anyone wishing to experience it, regardless of their physical or mental disability.

‘Alternative Perspectives’ draws together a group of Deaf and disabled artists and interested practitioners, to consult with members of the VDF group and harness design specialists.

Through this workshop, together with a follow on 1-day open meeting ‘Accessible Aerial’, we hope to stimulate discussion and debate around access, skill sharing, and how working with disabled artists might also free up our creative thinking and problem solving leading to fresh ideas.

The meeting took place in Eastleigh at The Point, Eastleigh, hosted by Gravity and Levity.

Lucie Jacquot
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  • Ivánder thompson / May 26, 2018, 9:48 am  

    me llamo Ivánder Thompson
    soy de Costa Rica
    como puedo participar ?