Ireland “Blank Canvas Lab” June 13-19, 2018

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Ireland “Blank Canvas Lab” June 13-19, 2018

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Following the first two meetings in Wales and Italy, Fidget Feet hosted the third meeting in the Creative Europe project:

Blank Canvas Lab 13th-19th June 2018 at Irish Aerial Creation Centre, Limerick, Ireland.

Blank Canvas Lab included


Between VDF choreographers to learn more about each other’s practice, alongside a professional mentor posing questions around the theme of collaboration.


For 12 professional vertical dance artists. Look out for an open call to vertical dance professionals in early January 2018. The group of dancers worked on vertical dance training at IACC under the supervision of Kat Cooley from Fidget Feet and participated in choreographic explorations in outdoor sites with VDF choreographers.

Interdisciplinary debate

Between VDF members and University of Limerick academics. Fidget Feet is resident company at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in University of Limerick. We worked in partnership with Dr. Niamh NicGhabhann (head of MA in Festival Arts) on round table discussions.

Opportunities for undergraduate students

IACC teaches aerial dance to students of the IWAMD. During the Jan-May module we offered Vertical dance and select 3 students to be part of the Blank Canvas Lab event to understudy the professional VD artists on the course.

Public event

A public informal conversation hosted at IACC around the topic of ‘Festivals’ to discuss the possibility of introducing a curated vertical dance programme as part of Limerick’s exiting festival.   There were also be opportunities to discuss the VDF project.

Public Symposium : “Background and Challenges of vertical dance”with Wanda Moretti and Kate Lawrence, members of VDF who are working together on a joint publication about vertical dance.

Sat 30th June as part of the Irish Aerial Dance Festival (24th June – 10th July 2018) In Letterkenny co Donegal


Vertical Dance Forum