E-publication “Vertical Dance Pathways”

E-publication "Vertical Dance Pathways"

Wanda Moretti and Kate Lawrence, the authors of this book, are researchers into and practitioners of vertical dance.  The publication is part a Creative Europe grant (2017 – 2019) which supports the activities of VDF, of which Moretti and Lawrence are founder members.  Wanda Moretti and Kate Lawrence have diverse backgrounds but share a passion and fascination for vertical dance.  They are working collaboratively towards a larger publication on their extensive research into the form.   They met in 2006 in Venice and their conversations prompted them both to deepen their research into the roots of vertical dance.  Since then they have been sharing their thoughts and research into the origins, motivations and fundamental aspects of vertical dance.  Moretti’s and Lawrence’s research is informed by intensive artistic, pedagogical and academic activities throughout this time.  Moretti has developed a specific and detailed training regime for vertical dancers, and Lawrence initiated and delivered the first European vertical dance module at University of Surrey (2002 – 2010).  Both are artistic directors of their own companies, Il Posto in Venice, Italy, and Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence in Caernarfon, North Wales.

Vertical Dance Pathways is now published!

You can find it HERE!